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Our Evaluation & Therapy Services

At Communicate Therapy Servies, we specialize in providing speech therapy for children and their families in our Nampa, ID clinic to address communication, social skills, and feeding development in the following areas:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Phonological Delays and Disorders


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)


Late-Talkers and Emergent Language

Expressive and Receptive Language

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social Communication

Caregiver Coaching for Language Enrichment




An evaluation will assess your child's skills in all areas of concern. Evaluations typically include caregiver interviews, observations, therapist-client interaction, and standardized testing whenever possible. The evaluation process will allow us to understand your child's unique skill set and what specific challenges they are demonstrating. Following the evaluation, recommendations will be made and a therapy plan will be formed with the family. The speech therapist will write a report of the findings, individualized recommendations, and developmentally appropriate speech therapy goals.



At Communicate Therapy Services, we are dedicated to working with children with speech sound and fluency disorders, receptive and expressive language delays and disorders, ASD, AAC, and feeding needs. Our speech therapists take a family-centered and play-based approach and individualize each session to the client's abilities, preferences, and goals. 

Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our speech therapy sessions so they can learn the strategies we are teaching. When appropriate, parents will also be provided with home-practice programs. Whether in-person or via teletherapy, every speech therapy or feeding therapy session will keep your child engaged in the learning process while having fun!

Parent coaching
parent coaching

Parent Coaching

We believe parent coaching and education are some of the most powerful ways to support your child's communication and social skills development. Parent coaching teaches parents and caregivers specific strategies to support communication, play, and social interactions within daily routines at home. Parent coaching is incorporated into all of our sessions and is also an evidence-based therapy approach that is appropriate for children who are not ready for direct therapy. 


In early 2021 we will also have completed our training to offer the Hanen More Than Words® program, an evidence-based program designed specifically for parents of children ages 5 and under who are on the autism spectrum. . 


Communicate Therapy Services is excited to offer online speech therapy services. Whether you are social distancing or need a more convenient option, telepractice allows us to offer high-quality and engaging speech therapy to clients throughout the state of Idaho.   


At Communicate Therapy Services, we are experienced in providing developmentally appropriate and interactive activities online, creating a motivating and fun experience that your child will look forward to. 

Contact us to determine if telepractice is an appropriate option for you and your family.


We are accepting new clients!

Communicate Therapy Services provides pediatric speech, language, social skills, and fluency therapy services to clients ages birth-21 years old. Services are available in our Nampa, ID clinic and online via teletherapy.

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