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Frequently Asked Questions

What is speech therapy and what does a therapist do?

Many children need support communicating or engaging in play and social interactions. This could be due to a speech or language delay or disorder, an illness or accident, or other diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder or down syndrome. Speech and language therapy is provided by a licensed and experienced speech-language pathologist and addresses speech, language, social skills, play skills, memory, and attention skills. 

Speech-language pathologists are the professionals who are specially trained and qualified to assess and treat speech and language disorders. Speech-language pathologists use many different therapy techniques that are based on evidence and have been shown to be effective in treating speech and language disorders. 

Does my child need speech therapy?

That is often a tough question for any parent to answer on their own. Often the people who spend the most time with a child are the first to be concerned about the child's development. If you or someone who knows your child has expressed concerns, contact Communicate Therapy Services to discuss your concerns. Together we will determine if an evaluation is recommended. 

We accept referrals from pediatricians, other professionals, and parents. 

Do you take insurance?

We currently are in-network providers with Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Medicaid, and Select Health. We also offer private pay options and will assist you in submitting your claims for out-of-network reimbursement.


Communicate Therapy Services is committed to serving our community and meeting your needs. We believe every person deserves high-quality speech therapy, and we will work with you to make sure you have access to our amazing team!

What if my child did not qualify for early intervention or school-based services?

To qualify for services through early intervention/early childhood education or in the public school system, children often have to demonstrate a significant delay in one or more areas of development or academically related skills. Communicate Therapy Services often works with children who are experiencing mild or moderate delays or disorders who still benefit from speech and language therapy even if they do not qualify for an IEP or IFSP.

Will you collaborate with other professionals on my child's team?

We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals, including occupational therapists, school-based therapists, classroom teachers, tutors, etc. 

How exactly does telepractice work?

Services look different for each child and family and are dependent on the age of the child, his or her goals, and what is being targeted during the session. 


For children birth to 3 years old, your therapist will use a combination of parent/caregiver coaching and direct interactions with the child. Direct interactions with the child will require a parent or another adult to be present to help facilitate the activities. For parent coaching, parents will be interacting with their child while being guided by the therapist (much like in-person sessions). Coaching is an excellent way for parents to learn and practice how to support their child in developing a specific skill. It is also a way for parents to understand how to increase opportunities for ongoing practice within play and daily routines. 

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